Friday, August 08, 2008


just in case i ever get too full of myself i can always count on the universe to keep me in check:

Ding (texting Boy): hey, you busy tomorrow night?
Boy: Who?
Ding: Just thought if you weren't busy you'd be up for hanging out.
Boy: When?
Boy: Who r u?



No Nonsense said...

well..... did you answer? (it's funny though)

ding said...

he chalked up his momentary amnesia to a lost cell phone and numbers not being added. considering how i don't even save most boys' numbers, i gave him a pass.

wade said...

i regularly answer text messages with a simple "who is this really?"

much to the same effect. when somebody says something idiotic to me. i look at them with a blank stare until they move away from me.

ding said...

i can see that stare.