Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC 08!: live blogging while cooking dinner

Roomie was made uncomfortable by the live feed of un-rhythmic liberals grooving to the live soul band so now we're trying to find something else to look at.

And about that live band - kudos to the convention organizers for hipping America to soul music. (roll of eyes) I guess it's better than Fleetwood Mac.

Boy that John Legend is a cutie. And is it universal that gospel choirs code for Hope? It's just a question.

Ok, I gotta get back to my carbonara. But first - hey, you think Michelle Obama is going to lose her composure tonight and call someone whitey?


Orange said...

Oh, she's gonna go way beyond that. She's gonna toss out a "honky" and a "cracker" and an "ofay" while she's at it.

I admit I learned "ofay" from that Richard Pryor word-association skit on SNL.

ding said...

snort. i remember that skit. brilliant.

can you imagine if she did? it would be hellaciously funny. (disastrous, but also funny.)

Auntie Em said...

One can only hope. She'd out do Janet's nipple if she pulled it off, ya know.

ding said...

lord. maybe there'll be a dog whistle in there somewhere, some subliminal whisper of 'Whitey.' then all the non-white people of the country would rise up and ...


race-based conflict seems so tiring.

Orange said...

"When I was a kid, my dad used to work nights so he could be home with us kids in the daytime. He'd make a pot of tomato soup and serve it with crackers. *wink wink*"

ding said...

dog whistle!!

oh, that gave me a good laugh in the morning.