Thursday, August 28, 2008

asshat: this guy and whoever listens to him

Listen Up, Females. This Man Is Talking. -

It's so early in the morning I can't bear it, but here's a piece of this guy's wonderfulness:

'the cover [of his book] is eye-catching: a man towers over two black women sitting in desks (those awful ones from high school with the wooden writing surface attached to the spindly metal chair, remember?) with the book's title, "The Re-Education of the Female," scrawled on a chalkboard. The "students" are listening in rapt attention. This must be every man's dream.


Read his book, ladies, and you can snag a catch just like him. Your responsibilities include cooking, staying skinny, wearing sexy things around the house and doing whatever your man tells you to do'

You know who I want to thank for giving me indigestion so early in the morning?
Prof. Lee, who emailed this to me.

Thanks, sir! Thank you very much.


Orange said...

I do not think the average asshat man has ten more women lined up to wait on his patriarchal ass.

Art said...

Sorry, D., didn't mean to give you agita in the a.m. today. More than anything the piece just tickled me, both because of this guy's utter cluelessness about the effect he's making and especially because the author is so artful in showing him to be 100% asshat but with such subtlety that he could probably read the piece and be satisfied with it. Truly a work of art.

I've got agita myself, worrying about Obama's big speech tonight. Hope all goes well. Here's what my daughter is wearing to preschool today:


ding said...

yeah, i could see the reporter's arched brow all over the place. dudes like him are all over the interwebs. and i almost stopped reading when the piece said he was an IT guy.

i'm sorry. an IT guy is going to give advice to women?? oh, it's to make me laugh.