Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC 08: it's the pundits turn. sigh.

Word from Bitch PhD is that Wolf Blitzer is tiny. I can totally see that. He has the large, elvish head of a tiny man.

Anyway, the incredibly disingenuous dude on MSNBC asks Rep. Patrick Kennedy why Michelle Obama's story was so necessary to convey to the voters. (Roll of eyes.) Why isn't he asking a black person why this story is necessary? Because a smart black person would tell him: "Well, MSNBC dude, it's because, for centuries, you folks haven't seemed to grasp the fact that we're Americans just like you."

10.22 pm - Chris Matthews asks Michelle Bernard, as another tall woman, what she thinks about Michelle Obama's speech. Yeah, Chris - that's the entry point for Michelle Bernard to this speech. Her height. What an asshat Chris Matthews is.

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