Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC 08: 'putting Barney Smith over Smith Barney'

nice one, barney. and how hilarious is the whole stadium chanting 'barney! barney! barney!'

i'm watching this on a slight dvr delay with Roomie and have to admit these 'voices of the people' are probably the best thing ever. i mean, the little latina woman who got an entire stadium of people to yell 'si, se puede'? awesome! and the pam lady who switched parties? loved how droll she was. other highlights: al gore and eisenhower's granddaughter.

(roomie has expressed love for dicky durbin. i've always thought of him as a smart little turtle. but i, too, must admit that durbin is a favorite of mine.)

my hopes for this speech: make it hard and make it aggressive and about policy and differentiation. go on the attack! punch them in the political groin!

and who called the voiceover for the obama video? i did! david strathairn! yes. these are the important things that roomie and i ponder while on the couch. if we had our own cable show, this is the quality of discourse you'd hear.

my heart just leapt a little when he accepted the nomination.

ok, he just 'addressed' HRC as an inspiration to his daughters and ours. enough to clear the bitterness? hm.

is he going after mccain? will he do a good a job as kerry in delineating himself from mccain? 'mccain doesn't get it.' is it strong enough?

'mccain won't even follow bin laden to the cave where he lives.' um, is that a snap?

the stuff about tactics and strategy worked for me. if the media doesn't get it, they're disingenuous and ass-hatty.

'it's not about me; it's about you.' nice and and easy target for the mccain camp.

'it is what is unseen' that keeps people coming to these shores - faith, people. faith in american promise.

nicely done. no political groin punch but now i feel bad for wanting one. see what you do to me, obama? you make me regret my violence!


Anonymous said...

The Smith Barney comment was the most scripted thing ever. In fact all of the "speakers" that were "everyday" people were obviously scripted. I was trying to find the teleprompter when I was watching them speak. Barney Smith didn't come up with that on his own. DNC speechwriters were behind it 100%...

Anonymous said...

You are right. None of them seemed real. So tired of hearing "I used to be a Republican but not any more" It's a line of garbage fed by the DNC. It's a ploy to try and make Reps feel "better" about backing a candidate with NO EXPERIENCE. The teacher who spoke spanish at the end should focus more on English. That really helps kids going to public school get further. Learning the ENGLISH language.

Art said...

Is anonymous agreeing with himself here? (It's gotta be a he.)


Or, more to the point, Pendejo.

Anonymous said...
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Songbird said...

Wow, nice commenters!
But seriously, I do believe the cave line was a "snap."
I missed the ordinary people while picking my son up from work; NPR only broadcast the first one, then started interviewing delegates/attendees again.

Anonymous said...

I think it's to be understood that these 'ordinary' people's speeches are looked over and approved by both the DNC and RNC, but Barney Smith's comment was his...or at least his nephews:

No Nonsense said...

anonymous, have some respect and use a name, any name even John Smith will do. Thanks

Screed: Al Gore was my favorite. He was fired up and served as a great reminder to America of (Look what you could have been) Loved it.

I still think there shouldn't be too much punch in the groin rhetoric, I like that firm, tough shame on you manner

ding said...

Am I gonna have to delete comments, Anonymi? Anything smacks of nativist bullshit gets deleted. Deal.

ding said...

um, the whole convention was scripted. that's the whole point. it's called being ON MESSAGE. you don't think the GOP convention won't be scripted and vetted? get real.

as for the experience canard, come on. it all depends on how you define experience. no president ever has been 'experienced.' the only way you get experience is by already being president. it's a slip in logic to harp on it now.

it's clear that the american electorate didn't care about 'experience' when it voted for Shrub twice, so don't get all uppity and pretend you care about it now.

and as for slamming on the adorable latina lady, get a life. your comment is flirting dangerously with being racist, nativist and problematic. i don't do that here, even for the sake of 'conversation.' pull that shit again and I'm deleting it.

ding said...

Nonsense - Gore was great, Richardson was good (though his hair gave me issues) and I really liked Eisenhower's granddaughter. We sped through some of the other speeches (like, Biden's? I had no idea what he was talking about so I skipped him.)

The Wed night was good, too. Kerry's speech was teh awesome. Tammy Duckworth was fantastic (shout out to Illinois!) and, of course, Bill threw out the numbers and almost made me get over being over him. Almost. But not quite.

Some criticisms, though. It's time to get off the defensive - now that the convention is over it's time to stop anticipating getting called unAmerican or unpatriotic or what have you - it's time to go after McCain and his bizarre policies and talk about what the country will look like if those things happen. Let others deal with the personal attacks; Obama needs to hit McCain hard, over and over again on that theme Kerry began: will the real McCain please stand up? you know?

No Nonsense said...

Yea what's the deal with Richardson's hair? I stopped listening to MSM now and only do CSPAN since it doesn't have lousy reporters spewing junk from their mouths. But I miss Kerry's speech will have to search online for it.

SiddityintheCity said...

Yeah, I wanted more groin punch, too, and I while I understand why he didnt go full-tilt--must not appear to be too much the ABM, etc.--I can't help but miss it.