Monday, August 04, 2008

on patriarchy, Lolla and my 'build'

Patriarchy: My alter-ego,ChurchGal, has a post up on LaVena Johnson and sexual assault in the military, which has been a story I've been tracking for a bit. It's depressing but something needs to be done about it. Please visit and read.

Lollapalooza: Great show on Saturday; Roomie and I sat, sunburned, ate and tried to put off peeing as long as possible. Devotchka was fun, Jamie Liddel had a weird set (beat boxing? really??), Booka Shade sounded like a lot of fun, Brand New was meh, Sharon Jones was fabulous, and Broken Social Scene was teh awesome. Where to party your ass off? Perry's tent. Man, I wished I was young again, under a disco ball. Instead, I rocked gently to the electronic beats while standing next to two hot, strapping CPD officers who also loved the music. I was really surprised at how civilized and clean everything was. If every music festival could be this organized I'd go all the time. Note to self: next time, bring a whole packet of baby wipes.

My 'build': So my life insurance has told me that my policy needed to be adjusted because of my 'build.' My 'build' is dictating that I need to lose 15 pounds; my 'build' will be reevaluated in 6 months or so. But they reassured me that others with my 'build' have gone on to living quite happy and healthy lives. (Thanks, 'build!') While grocery shopping with Roomie, she reminded me that Weigh Watchers ice cream bars are 0 pts for my 'build.' Heh. My 'build' is happy with that.


bitchphd said...

others with my 'build' have gone on to living quite happy and healthy lives

You don't say.

liza said...

Lollapalooza and life insurance in the same post. What does it mean? For one--reading this I just thought: OMG! I just turned 37 and never once have thought about life insurance, but now I just having had a kid, realized that we have to do it. I signed up for long term disability when I got my job (commuting 70 miles each way I was pretty mindful of being mangled by the freeway, but not actually dying). And I too, have a "build." Like I need some random insurance adjuster telling me I need to lose weight. The very idea fills me with an ocean of crankiness.

ding said...

I think I have two life insurance policies - one through work and this one. It's sort of a financial crunch (like everything else) but I really don't miss it.

But yeah. Lollapalooza and life insurance. This is our life, now.

We're frakkin' adults! Sucks!

ding said...

But in other news my really bad romance novel is chugging along nicely! Yay! First draft!

liza said...

HUZZAH! That rawks, as the kids say. A first draft is something to celebrate. Yay.

ding said...

Writing crap is really hard.