Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC 08!: ignoring the TV people

8.06 pm - Shorter David Gergen: 'Waah! It's boring! Entertain us!'

Who knew that the real purpose of the convention was to entertain the TV people? Glad he straightened that out for me.

This, fundamentally, is the problem with pundits and why I prefer the unexpurgated feed. They see this whole political process as a source of entertainment, rather than a process that has real material impact on ordinary people. This convention is a show for them, a piece of political choreography that's being judged for its impact on them, if it plays to them, instead of if it matters to us.

Frakking smug bastards.

8.14 pm - they just can't stop showing the awkward dancing, can they? If Gergen was looking for a unified theme, this would be it: progressives might be wonky but they can't dance.

But Roomie and I will say this about the CNN coverage - it's chock full of useful trivia. Stats on gay, black and latino delegates and a rolling schedule of the night's events. How very new media. It's like they almost know what Twitter is. Or someone remembered what Pop Up Video was.

8.18 pm - Caroline Kennedy, hammering home the point that the programs ordinary Americans use and depend on exist because of Ted Kennedy. Good point.

8.30 pm - Roomie just said that Ted Kennedy looks like Mrs. Doubtfire. Sigh.

8.45 pm - Miguel del Valle. What I really want: a whole speech in Spanish. Wouldn't that just freak out Joe Scarborough?

(taking a brief convention break to send an email finalizing a coffee date.)


Auntie Em said...

(cough cough cough, hack, hack, snort)

"Mrs. Doubtfire."

(returning to coverage madness)

ding said...

sometimes truth is uncomfortable.

(back to a surprisingly hypnotic history lesson from the Republican guy.)

Orange said...

More truth: My kid asked, "Does he have a neck?"

ding said...

Indeed. And was your kid transfixed? (cuz if he was, then David 'It's so boring!' Gergen can go frak himself.)

Orange said...

Nah. He was eating his supper and waiting for me to get off the phone.

Actually, we started recording the convention at 7:20, but I didn't start watching 'til almost 9 so there was a crapload of fast-forwarding. Is it wrong that I skipped Caroline Kennedy because I don't like her hair color? Jesse Jackson Jr. looked great, but I only listened to a minute of his speech. I missed the beginning of Maya Soetoro-Ng's speech so I had no idea who she was for a while, but pieced it together. She doesn't look too much like her half-brother. Watched some Teddy, zipped through some white Midwesterners, listened to Michelle's brother, enjoyed the Michelle biopic, carped about the poor fit of Michelle's dress and condemned myself for paying attention to mere fashion, and listened to parts of her speech. How come it's not a two-day event? I can't do four. It's too much.

Oh, and I zapped all the PBS commentary panels.

ding said...

but there was that Republican guy giving us a history lesson in real conservatism - his speech was quite lulling.

And you must've missed the guy who first hired Obama as an organizer; he had a weird way of delivering a speech. His ending just stopped in the middle of a phrase, he paused (as if listening to music only he could hear), and then said 'Vote for Obama. (pause) Thank you.' Bizarro.

In other words, you didn't miss much.

Did anyone else think ending with prayer was strange?