Sunday, October 21, 2007

some burning questions...

is it horribly wrong - when someone you've hooked up with in the past (and with whom you hoped to continue a casual liaison) appears to have taken advantage of an improved mental state and moved on - to feel sort of put out by it?

was watching the unbearable 'tell me you love me' with Roomie the other night; is it true that married women are really stunned that their husbands look at porn? i mean, really. who is stunned that men look at porn?? for that matter, isn't it understood by now that women also look at porn? (or is this a generational thing?)

speaking of TMYLM, how can i scrub the image of jane alexander, naked and fucking on a chair, off my inner eyeballs?

can we please have movies about neurotic people of color now? i mean, i'm getting sort of bored by all the representations of quirky/conflicted white folks in popular culture now. and i don't think the tyler perry movies count.

i guess what i'm asking is: who's the Wes Anderson for brown people? (great critique of wes anderson's work here.)

why is the #66 chicago bus the most crowded motherfrakker ever? hm? and why don't the folks who ride the #66 understand the Move to the Back rule ?

with a little under one month of unfettered carnal carnivale left to me before The Procedure, will i find a frolic partner in time?


Orange said...

1. No. You are always within rights to feel put out. Particularly when it comes to putting out, or the lack thereof.

2. That show seems wildly inaccurate about married people. Those couples are nuts.

3. I only caught a couple minutes of the show this weekend. I am pleased to report that I missed the chair scene.

4. I got nothin'. I'm sure they're out there but just can't get anyone to buy their scripts or hire them to direct. I read a Tyler Perry interview in which he mentioned taking a meeting with some important Hollywood studio exec, on the heels of his various big-money successes. The exec basically had no idea who he was and asked what he'd been working on.

5. What, you mean to tell me you're not (1) the mouthy bus passenger who either mutters aloud about people not knowing how to move to the rear as she edges (rudely) past all of them to reach the roomy back, or (2) the mouthier one who gets on the bus and calls out, "Can you folks move back? I see A LOT of room back there, and we can't get on up here" and doesn't quit 'til people move?

6. Dunno. Good luck! (You realize, of course, that you will meet the hottest men immediately after surgery, when ravishing them will be the last thing on your mind?

ding said...

1. thank you. i am feeling really miffed but i didn't want to feel like i was some weirdo because of it.

2. that show is nuts. it made me ask my Roomie *who* knows people like this?

3. it was awful. really really really bad. like walking in on your grandmother doing a reverse cowgirl. bleergh.

4. me, too. i mean, i'm sure there are some indie filmmakers of color out there but, shit, where are their movies and why can't i see them? and please, are they all about really bleak things? can indie filmmakers of color make movies about light quirky things, too?

5. i am mentally that person on the bus, silently exhorting that girl with the ipod and the messenger bag to stop blocking the fucking aisle and move to the fucking back, i don't care if your stop is next. i don't dare say these things aloud or my rage will incinerate my fellow passengers.

6. sigh. if i had a Magic 8-Ball, it would say 'Signs say No.'

liza said...

"tell me you love me" is like a freaky horrendous car wreck that I watch in spite of/because of the horrors. It's like the Sopranos in a teacup (back when the violence was wrenching and the drama compelling). It's like these are the people you dread becoming or dating/being married to.
Old people fucking has got to be the last frontier: I mean where else can HBO go to shock us (though I did yell: OMIGOD! BALLS! in one of the early episodes). Not because it's pornish and I'm prudish, but because, wow. Balls, on TV. Even if it is cable. Frankly I was more freaked out by the sight of Jane Alexander going down on the guy who plays her husband. But I think its touching, and also transgressive to show an old lady getting it on, and I really hope that in 30 years I'll be trying to fuck on a chair. But then who am I kidding: we are too lazy or luxurious or possibly just too uncoordinated(take your pick): after about 5 minutes on a chair or couch always move to the comfy bed.
Re: married women being stunned about men looking at porn, I think maybe some people, not us, but some people must be. It's a willful ignorance I think. Did you see that clip going around of the Tyra Banks "focus group" of women responding to porn? HIGHlarious.

As for movies about neurotic people of color: never. We get Akilah and the Bee. It's about the casting as much as it is anything else. The Science of Sleep did have that Mexican hottie boy, god what's his name? But anecdote is not data, I know.

Good luck with finding a frolic partner. The good thing about this weather is that you can sort of slut it up without being too obvious, with boots and other accessories.

ding said...

i know i should celebrate elder sex in popular culture, but it's such a shock, you know? jane alexander is one of those icy waspy actresses! and here she is, pulling a cowgirl! sucking cock!

re: TMYLM being full of people you don't want to know. if there are actual people like this i don't ever want to meet them. each time we speed through an episode (we can only watch it with a finger on FFWD) we futilely try to find some connection to the world we know. we can't even relate to the 20-something girl who sleeps around! and i sleep around! she annoys the crap out of me!

i want HBO to bring Deadwood back. convoluted semi-shakesperean mud western is preferable to angsty married navel gazing that makes you wish everyone became celibate.