Thursday, October 18, 2007

post event horniness

geez. i've finished with our Huge Fundraiser and it was so good, we did such a good job and i'm so exhausted all i want to do is have sex.
like, nasty monkey sex.

i've text messaged someone but if he doesn't get to me in time, then i'm totally going home to take a long 'shower.'

or think naughty thoughts while pondering my lesbian boss' suddenly single appeal.
one or the other.

[much later: none of that happened. i went home and read a book in bed. i lead an exciting life.]


Anonymous said...
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ding said...

so crazy. i'm deleting you.

S said...

Isn't it strange how horniness seems all-consuming one moment, and the next it just fizzes out, like the air out of a balloon?

Or is that just me?

ding said...

which is why decisions probably shouldn't be made while in its throes.

i waited a couple hours and settled down with a book, instead. see? all better.