Friday, October 19, 2007

once more, with feeling: bush appoints another weirdo

this time, it's a woman. dr. susan orr used to work for the Family Research Council, a conservative organization known for its anti-birth control stances, and is now going to be in charge of family planning for low-income people.

what does dr. orr think? she thinks contraception isn't a medical necessity because 'fertility isn't a disease.' well, no shit. contraception is just something we women need to have because, otherwise, we'd be pregnant all the fucking time.

i'm truly puzzled at this administration and the folks who don't see what's completely wrong with this picture. birth control is good. it allows a family to control its fertility; it allows a woman to determine when and if she is going to get pregnant; and when access is wide, paired with education about contraception, abortion numbers go down.

but you know what it is: birth control = sex.
it's a marker that sex is in the makin' and unless you're in a proper heterosexual, monogamous marriage then having sex makes you a slut. (and if you're a dude, having sex just makes you a dude.)

so...birth control = sex = slut.

so basically, orr's appointment is just another step in the social conservative's movement to shame/punish women who have sex.

of course, planned parenthood has sent out an alert to oppose orr's appointment.
you know what you have to do.

The Associated Press: Family-Planning Appointment Denounced


Orange said...

Orr can go fuck herself.

If I were to get pregnant, my chronic-but-manageable condition would get drastically worse, and I could end up on an organ transplant list, in addition to really having an inhospitable environment for a fetus, who would be a preemie at best, dead at worst. Actually, the worst-case scenario is that the fetus and I both die.

And even though I'm married and monogamous, pregnancy would be a bad, bad thing. But Orr doesn't care if she kills me. Complete disregard for the realities of women's lives, for the sanctity of MY life.

(Which is not to say that healthy, single women don't also deserve ready access to contraception. They do.)

I already did the PP action to give Bush a piece of my mind.

ding said...

thank you, orange.
you've hit the nail on the head: they have no concept of the reality of women's lives. when they think of 'women's lives' they seem to have some portrait in mind where we're all middle class, don't work or go to school, married in the burbs and are perfectly healthy, with healthy relationships all around and nothing to bother us at all.

i'm 38 and single. i'm too old to get pregnant and if i became pregnant i would enter a psychological state that would endanger myself and the fetus. to remain pregnant would not be good.