Monday, October 22, 2007

my obsession: weddings in the times

Deneta Howland and Bryan Sells - New York Times

if i was premenstrual, i'd be in tears right now.
it has all the things that get me: earnestness, long distance, interracial couple, yearning, deflection, and dogged pursuit.

i'm obssessed with these stories.


Orange said...

That's an awesome story, except for the part about the assholish racist of a dad who refused to go to the wedding. WTF is wrong with people? In this day and age?

Last wedding I went to was for R., a high-school friend's. Her parents are a B/W interracial couple, complete with the mom's family largely disowning her for marrying a black man. Anyway, R. was living in Prague and met a pasty-skinned Brit at a wedding. They took a liking to each other and dated across national borders for a few years, until she moved to London to plan their wedding. No misbehaving family members, fortunately. And the English civil ceremony has some beautiful verbiage in it. Totally made me cry!

ding said...

yeah, i was stunned that the dad totally didn't attend the wedding; and now his problematic racism is completely public! the whole country knows!

i told my therapist today that i read these things. (yes, she has gruaduated from being a coach to being a therapist.) she thought it was significant and wants me to track how i feel when i read these stories. i feel sad, bitch! sad!

my own interracial parents (B/A) met when my mom moved into the apartment below my dad's apartment; dad invited her over for thanksgiving and he fell in love over burned turkey. it took my mom a few more dates to get to that point but then again my dad was always an easier touch than my mom.