Friday, October 26, 2007

BSG: April??? April?? Frak!

so...The Watcher in the Trib this morning, announces that sci-fi channel announced the new (and final) season of Battlestar Galactica won't even frakking air until frakking APRIL!



Atalanta said...

APRIL!?!?! Are you frackin' kidding me? ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

ding said...

i know!
that episode better be wrapped in gold and not suck on any level, if we have to wait that long.

what i don't want to see:
relationship drama

when you're running for survival of the human race the LAST thing on your mind should be relationship drama. focus, people, focus!

i also don't want to see anymore of ChipSix's Victoria's Secret wardrobe. i'm just so tired of it.

Trope said...

Well, I think the good news is that ChipSix seems to be mostly gone from Gaius' mind, and shows up now as a pale imitation of herself. I thought previously that I wanted to see relationship drama, but that all ended when Kara left. Now I want big damn space battles.

ding said...

hear, hear.
Big Damn Space Battles!

i want to see things blow up, i want ethically complicated torture scenes and i want to maybe see a character bite the dust. (Chief's wife, i think. i hate her.)

Trope said...

Yeah, she was mildly interesting (dentist?) but I think it's time to let Cally go. 'Specially if he's going to go fulfill his role as the new shaman or whatever. There's nothing that I hate more than those tortured souls who don't have any reason to be tortured.

(PS New comment-email feature? LOVE.)

ding said...

cally got chief, had his baby and escaped execution. unless she's nagging about how hard it is to keep running from the cylons, she needs to stop being so annoying.

or, more correctly, the boys writing her need to stop with the nagging wife thing and really learn how to write kick ass women who don't give a frak about the homefires - because they're running for their lives!

behlmanl said...

I don't have TV reception at home but am a frequent DVD watcher and Galactica fan. I was going so crazy about the delays in issuing three on DVD in the U.S. that I:
-bought a multi-region DVD player, ostensibly so I could play British and Asian DVDs, but mostly so I could...
-buy the British edition of season 3, which is available on British Also got "Life on Mars," which is good 70s-style BBC fun.

Beat that, D.!

ding said...

unless i can find a way to enter an alternate universe where season 4 BSG airs next month rather than next april, i'm afraid you win the prize for Most Dedicated Frustrated Television Show Viewer.