Monday, October 08, 2007

my girly parts: an update

fair warning: look away if you don't want to read about what's happening with my girly parts.

this is my girly part cocktail: daily seasonique with a monthly dose of lupron.

i'm down to the little yellow pills in my Seasonique pack (which cost an unholy $140!! what the fuck is that??) these are the first birth control pills i've taken since i was 18 (i was prescribed for heavy, continuous bleeding) and it's not so bad. but august through september i bled almost every freaking day and i actually just stopped bleeding last week. (though there is currently a faint 'leak' of some girly fluid. what is it? i have no idea. it's just like an overflow of moisture or something. i know. TMI.) in august this bleeding was a strange dark, almost black color then it gradually became more 'blood'-like but the bleeding was extrememly heavy and the clots were unbelievable. i suffered no cramps, no bloating, but now i think i've gained a few pounds. clothes aren't noticeably tighter but my belly is certainly a little pudgier, like i look a little pregnant. granted, i hate exercise but this seems rather extreme, thank you very much.

other side effects: i have excruciating headaches, am sensitive to light and sound, i get really hot at night and there's some joint stiffness that just popped up out of nowhere.

anyway, just thought i'd share what's going on in my pants since the world is dying to know...

Skipping Your Period: Seasonique - The Well-Timed Period


bitchphd said...

Ah yes, the hot at night thing. I know it well.

The up side is you'll save on heating, if it's getting cool there yet....

The headaches sound like hell. I'm sorry.

ding said...

thanks, the headaches are really bad. they're more than the ordinary dull, throbbing aching headache. it's just on the left side of my face/head/temple and it actually hurts to touch those areas. one night was so bad i was almost in tears.

however, i really like the seasonique and if it wasn't so freaking expensive, i'd consider taking it regularly. the pull of getting fitted for a IUD, however, is great. no hormones and no pregnancy.

wonder how much that would cost me...

ding said...

oh, it's so hot here our marathon kills people. the only thing saving me from complete nighttime discomfort is the fact i sleep right under an air-conditioning vent.

Orange said...

Call your doctor and request prescription pain medication for the headaches. I like Fioricet (it's Tylenol, caffeine, and a mild barbiturate that seems to be used only for headaches). Available in cheap generic form, too. Also as Fiorinal, with aspirin in lieu of Tylenol. I took it all through my pregnancy, so it's pretty innocuous as long as you're not an addict.

You need not suffer through every headache without prescription help. If Fioricet's not strong enough, there are stronger meds, too. And if the headaches count as migraines, there are triptans like Imitrex that can work, too.

I'm a Headache Evangelist. I gently bitch-slap anyone who mentions having bad headaches but has not received medical attention for them. It is because I have always been headache-prone, even as a kid, and suffering through nasty ones makes quality of life take such a hit. Medicate!

P.S. The faint leak of fluid? Could be the radiator. I'd take your girly bits into the garage and get an estimate.

liza said...

Owwwwwwwwwww. I'm only having a regular period and I hurt for you.

ding said...

orange: i think this series of tune ups i'm getting is annoying. i've been to the 'shop' more than i've been in the past 8 years. dude. for once, i'd like some kind of reproductive process to work correctly and without issues.

(just as long as that process isn't pregnancy. ahem.)

liza: it's not that bad but it's just...annoying. the cost, the scheduling, the leakiness, the lack of sex (because all spontenaity is impossible because i never know when my girly parts will go offline!) totally annoying.