Monday, October 01, 2007

bow to thee, sharon jones

She’s Not Anybody’s Backup Act - New York Times

true story:
new year's eve 2006, park west, chicago.

i'd bought two tickets to see sharon jones at the park west and since B- was in a snit (which can be read in the archives), i called up my friend E - in milwaukee. he was ecstatic, packed some vintage soul threads, and got on a bus to chicago. i met him at the station and we headed to lincoln park.

we're sort of hungry and there's plenty of time before the show so we duck into the tiny sushi restaurant next door to the park west and who do we find? sharon jones and the dap kings. and who does E- know? sharon jones and the dap kings.

they put on a great show and sharon jones kicks ass. the band is tight. (and are they hot? in that soul/funk/vintage/'we don't care about you hipsters' way, yes.)

i was on my feet all night and danced until they bled. afterward, they all signed an LP for me and we walked home in the frigid wind.


Orange said...

I'd never heard of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings until a few days ago, perusing Entertainment Weekly. They made the page of (I paraphrase) the 10 awesomest musical acts you don't know but ought to listen to.

And you and E. knew her when...

ding said...

they are, like, super cool.
i should get my friend E- to give me a list of music. he's always so hep to the cool kids.