Thursday, October 04, 2007

it's not over: Harassment in Aurora |

i almost did something bad today.

a coworker showed me a mailer she got in the post sponsored by the folks at Pro-Life Action League. it was chock full of ridiculous inflammatory misinformation about Planned Parenthood ("they encourage sex before marriage! they think babies are smelly!") and it made me so angry that i did something that was a little nuts:

i looked up the home address of eric scheidler, the communications director for Pro-Life Action League and son of joe scheidler who's the patriarch leading the local charge against the folks at Planned Parenthood.

i copied the address. i thought about posting it here and telling pro-choicers to use it and send the scheidlers a little taste of their own harrassment.

but i had an icky feeling. i felt shame at taking a political fight to the doorstep of a family of 10 (they have 8 kids) to scream at them for hating people like me, for thinking that their grip on righteousness allows them to harrass and violate the privacy of women like me.

why don't the pro-lifers feel that shame?

Real Time: Harassment in Aurora

(p.s. pro life folk say Planned Parenthood slandered joe scheidler with one of their ads. this interview with eric zorn says otherwise.)


Orange said...

You mean, like, we could send them letters outlining their hatred for women and reproductive privacy? We could call them big poopoo-heads? WIth no return address?

It is so hard to fight against people with no morals when one possesses morals. Of course, stooping to use their tactics would only make them feel more justified in their Holy War on Womankind.

ding said...

like, a flash mob protest in front of his house or something. counter-terror-terror. but less vindictive.

see? what avenues are left a relatively non-whacko progressive? all the good stuff is reserved for the right.