Thursday, March 27, 2008

cue dorky squeal here: X-Files movie!

`X - Files' Creator Spills Film Details - New York Times

Do I need to reveal that I loved The X-Files with a passion that not even BSG has been able to tap? (Home is still my very very favorite episode.)
Do I need to confess that I taped a big photo of David Duchovny inside my medicine cabinet because I wanted to wake up to his visage every morning?
Do I need to admit that I catalogued every taped and watched episode in a special spreadsheet on my computer?
Do I need to repent of writing some very very bad erotic fan fic, once upon a time?
Do I also need to say that the only reason (well, one of the only reasons) I crushed out on a certain kilt-wearing guy in my grad program was because of his resemblance to David Duchovny?

Because I will! I am that unashamed of my stalkerish love.


bitchphd said...

You're a brave woman. I'd never admit such things in a million years.

ding said...

i have no shame. as you'll discover in the next day or so as i post the story of what happened to me last night.

bitchphd said...

Awesome. I'll be traveling tomorrow, so do me a favor and put it up on B too--if you dare.

ding said...

don't dare me, woman. i just might. as a lesson in morality and judgment. or, How Not to Hook up With a 49-yr Old Stranger in a Bar.

liza said...

Oh. My. Gawd. The kilt thing I remember, and the photo thing too. As for the more recent cautionary tale: I double dog dare you. :)

ding said...

jeebus. that's right; you visited once!

and as for the other, i'm still skeeving myself out with flashbacks of how completely sloppy drunk i was. SLOPPY. i think when i have some ironic distance then i'll post it. but, hey, good to know i still got it, whateve the it is.

(it=drunken slagness? inability to hold liquor on an empty stomach?)