Wednesday, March 05, 2008

aagh, don't make me

Obama Regains Ground in Texas Caucuses but, overall, the Texas primary may have gone to Clinton.


You know, if I absolutely have to, in order to stop another four years of a Republican president, I'll vote for whoever becomes the candidate on the left. But, jeebus on a stick, do we really think that Clinton is going to be an electable candidate against McCain?

For the Obama supporters who read Screed, what would you do and how would you feel if Clinton snapped up the nomination?

Updated: ok, I went to the folks at Kos and their soothing, Spock-like numbers crunching has brought me down from the ledge, reminding me of the big picture. Big picture, Ding, big picture.

Update on the update: However, it's stuff like this that makes me get all angry again about Clinton tactics. Would it be inaccurate to say the Clinton camp used this falsehood about Obama's campaign contacting Canada to unfairly stir mistrust of Obama and give her campaign a boost?


Orange said...

Possibly sign up to volunteer for her campaign and work like hell, blog about her, blog the truth about hardcore right-winger McCain, and try to get her elected.

Jesus, so many millions of voters want our troops brought home from Iraq. On that issue alone, McCain is the absolute pits. So many millions of voters want universal health care coverage—again, McCain would do diddlysquat on that.

It really doesn't matter, in a Clinton/McCain matchup, that Hillary once voted for the war. She doesn't want to continue it indefinitely, so she oughta have the edge for any sentient voter who doesn't like the war.

Orange said...

And you should post this at Bitch PhD. Give the Obamaphiles a chance to really think about this, and let me keep reminding them that whatever one's reservations about Clinton and her Mr., HEALTH CARE and THE WAR. HEALTH CARE and THE WAR.

ding said...

hey, i crossposted over at Bitch and you're right: healthcare and the war, healthcare and the war.

big picture.

No Nonsense said...

Yeah I know the big picture is healthcare and war BUT I don't want another democratic term of distractions by the republican because it will if Clinton is the president. She will have to fight to get her healthcare passed while Obama may negotiate to get us something. Beside with all the grumblings of her husband business deals post presidency I am sure the moment she wins it will be crap all over again. So yes think big picture--healthcare and war but who will be better at getting things done without p*ss*ng off too many republicans. That's all

Atalanta said...

I support Obama, but have no party loyalties - I admit it - I've voted third party and I would do it again (well, in this case I would write in for Obama, but, you see what I'm saying) - I cannot, in good conscience, vote for either Senator Clinton or Senator McCain.
And, honestly, the Clintons lost me way back at 'don't ask don't tell' so I remain unconvinced that anything they say during their campaign - including fundamental Democratic precepts - will be the policy once they are back in the White House (shudder).
Hopefully, it will not come to this choice.

ding said...

i keep wavering about HRC.

on one hand, i'm all on board about voting for the Dem candidate to stop any hope of a GOP presidency. so, if that means pulling the lever for HRC, i think that i will grin and bear it.

but THEN, the details about the faux-NAFTA thing gets out and i see how HRC's campaign uses that fake scandal to bloody her opponent and it just ticks me off that that's her first impulse. oh, don't worry about a thing like accuracy or basic decency (like not coming outright and saying that Obama is Christian, thus putting all that Moslem-fear mongering to rest). just run with the story that paints your opponent in the worst light, and when different facts come to light, don't step forward to slow things down.


and, yeah, if die-hard Clinton supporters are all in a kerfuffle because this race is emblematic of the times a qualified woman has been passed over for a more popular guy, then this makes me think of all those times in our history white people lied about black people to prevent progress and black folk ended up dead.

but just to say thate there are multiple histories being tapped into with this primary race and i'm afraid HRC isn't looking like a 'friend' right now.

ding said...

oops on the typos.