Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday: what i'm reading today (between meetings)

Where Does Society Stand on Gender Matters? - Eliot Spitzer - Hillary Clinton - New York Times (vaguely interesting but they never seem to go deep enough, do they?)

Tracy Morgan on SNL. (a little rough? yeah, but thems the dozens, baby.)

Economic straits 'trickle down' to state budgets. (bad bad bad news for non profits.)

The end to blogging anonymity? (or, who cares about constitutionality?)

JP's Annual San Patricio Limerick Contest! (you know you want to show off your versification)

Website I love: See Jane Work, for all the tax/life/financial organization doodads. (I bought the Financial Organizer and the Captio Taxcase. They're so pretty, I've been fondling them at my desk. Will they help me survive tax season? They frakking better.)

and, in other news, i had a date saturday night. it was ok. every date i go on just depresses me.

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