Monday, March 24, 2008


frak it!
clearly, Blogger wouldn't let me post from home over the weekend. (and i had a nice post about how Gen X will save the world all ready to go.)

anyway, hope y'all's Easter (or other celebretory pagan feast) was fun. i had dinner at a friend's mother's house and i am still full of deviled eggs and ham. (mmm, pork.)

what's on my schedule this week? well, i'm laying off all the ranty militant crap for a few days; work is going to kick my arse and i need to retain a shred of serenity. so this week it's all about planning a wardrobe for italy, organizing my taxes and preparing to go on another date. (this time, no divorced dads. they're too sad to be around.)


bitchphd said...

God, taxes. We had a meeting with H&R Block tonight. Pain. In. Ass.

ding said...

I set up my own meeting with H&R Block next week. Tonight, it's all about calculating what I can write off in transportation to my philanthropic meetings and stuff.

And now, thanks to you, I'm freelancing! Dude! I remember, in grad school, all I had to do was file the 1040EZ. Remember the EZ? Those were the days...

(those were also the days when i conveniently 'forgot' to claim my fellowship as income, but that's another story...)