Sunday, March 02, 2008

while phonebanking for obama

earlier today...

ding goes to the unisex bathroom after a couple hours of solid phonebanking and a large coffee.
she's in her stall, finishing up some feminine business (ahem) when she hears the door open and someone enters the stall next to her.

the stranger pees and ding thinks, 'hm, that's got a little distance.' she flushes.

at the sink, she hears the other stall open and the asian campaign guy walks over. he gives her the chin up greeting.

'hey,' he says.
'hey,' ding says. there are no paper towels so they stand there, shaking their wet hands dry.

then they both go back to the phone banking room.

this is obama's america - a place where men and women can pee next to each other and go back to the job at hand.



bitchphd said...


Chick, seriously: why do you not cross-post these? If you actively would prefer not to, then that's totally cool, but fwiw this is an awesome blog entry.

ding said...

dude! sometimes i forget!

bitchphd said...

Okay, okay! Sorry. I don't wanna be *too* bitchy.

ding said...

well, thanks for the nudge. it's up there now and i eagerly await the comments that wonder if peeing is an appropriate subject for blogging. heh.