Friday, March 07, 2008

shrub: still an idiot

last night, on The Daily Show, they showed a clip of our President who said he hadn't heard that gas was approaching $4/gallon.

clearly, the man is living in a bubble because, this morning, Roomie stopped for gas and it was $3.90-something for a gallon.

i think we should flood the White House postcards or photos of our current gas prices because it's criminal that a President (lame duck as he is) should be so ignorant of real life.

frakking clueless tool.


the milliner said...

i was always told to buy gas mid-week 'cause they raise the prices ahead of weekend travel. it's not a huge difference, maybe a few cents. does it really matter? demonstrating a president completely out of touch. a new prez cannot come soon enough.

wade said...

it cost me $4.29 a gallon this morning to fill the tank.