Thursday, April 03, 2008

busy busy busy

sorry posting has been so light.

i just got back from springfield last night after a day of chasing legislators, work has been beyond hectic and with all the cuts being proposed in the President's FY09 budget, organizations like mine have gone into super self-defense mode. So, while I haven't been writing here, I've been writing my arse off at the office about the continued need to keep programs serving rape and assault victims in the budget.

but rest assured that i haven't stopped thinking about things over here and that there are still more connections in my brain being made about the recent Rev. Wright flap and how maybe this crap never would have happened if politicians were actually serious about that little thing called 'the division between church and state.' (oh, and if the so-called 'values coalition,' two or three elections ago, hadn't exploited religious fervor in the first place as a substitute for public policy.)

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No Nonsense said...

AMEN! You know I was thinking about that too-- This whole Wright hooplah is conspiracy to railroad Obama because they really can't find anything on him.

Why is religion so important in politics when they are supposed to be separated? They flapped about Romney being Mormon (sp) too! I didn't see what the big deal was there either.

See now, I thought I was the only sane person who wondered about this hypocrisy