Sunday, April 13, 2008

my frakkin' luck

so i'm on my second date with B3 (we'll introduce him later); we've had a lovely dinner in bucktown, ingested way too much chocolate and now we're in a local joint in humboldt park listening to a honky tonk band. (i know. honky tonk. but they weren't bad!) when we were looking for parking i thought, 'hm. looks familiar. i remember that chain link fence. i believe there is probably where i lost my purse...' and, looking ahead, i saw the street name from that undiginified morning Walk of Shame.

'with my luck,' i thought, 'Frakkin' Trader will be inside.' but then i thought, no. the universe doesn't hate me that much.

so imagine my chagrin when Frakkin' Trader walks into my view, stops, turns, looks right at me, stares and circles our booth through the crowd. he's still looking at me and i'm still staring at him over the heads of very young hipsters, thinking, 'frakking universe hates me!' of course, i excuse myself to go to the restroom and send a frantic text to my Roomie, the gist of which was "WTF??"

about an hour later, when we leave, he's still at the bar and i avoid catching his gaze in the mirror behind the bar as we pass.

at home, Roomie said, 'come on, Ding. Bar A is four blocks away, Bar B is one, and his place is right in the middle! he's gonna drink somewhere! did you really think you wouldn't see him tonight? really?'
i said, 'well, i thought there was a chance but i was hoping i wouldn't!'

don't blame me for thinking the odds were in my favor; there at least 10 other people in this city with whom i've froliced (sp? that doesn't look right) and i have never run into them - anywhere - after the frolic has ended. (it was like the universe did me a favor and killed them for me.) why would i expect to run into the Frakkin' Trader now?

Roomie said, 'well, it's clear he's avoiding you like you're avoiding him but you're bound to run into him again. the 'hood is just too small.' indeed, it is. and if i keep going out with B3, and his haunts cross FT's, this neighborhood is going to seem as big as my living room.

anyway, the sorta good news is i've made it to date #3, the farthest i've gone in the hetero-normative ritual called 'dating.' Dr. C- would be happy i've made such progress.


Orange said...

Date #3! W00t. You do a good job with your therapist's assignments.

Frolicked with a K. Looks like it's got to do with licking of big hair.

I hope you run into F.T. again and go up to him and ask why he roofied you when your getting stinkin' drunk would have been all that was necessary.

ding said...

i might just have to do that - when i'm with my girls and not on a date.

and thank you - i knew i could count on you for the frolic spelling.

No Nonsense said...

Who hasn’t frolicked at bit in their days? Never quite used that word to describe it but I think I will now, but enough of that.

Next time go straight up to that cowardly SOB and ask him where the F is your stuff and he pay you for what they are worth or you are calling the cops. (you know how much your purse and stuff cost and how much it cost for you to replace misc item) You’ve got to let him know that you not scared of him.

WTF and you think he’d leave the bar when he saw you—He trying to figure out if you remember. Tell him the sh*t he put in your drink didn’t work and you remembered every stinking detail and there is a rape kit at the police station waiting for a DNA match! (scare him to no end)When he sees you he should run like tsunami at his frigging heels.

I don’t think the universe hates you, but maybe wants you to experience some closure. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe some action on your part needs to bring this closure. (MMMmm just though that—sounds so profound)

ding said...

No Nonsense, I wished you lived here because then I could just send you over...

I think I've had closure, though. Though the night it happened was icky, I've given myself a break about it - whatever happened that night. If I can't remember, then no harm done. Ignorance is bliss, you know?

The universe has sent me several new dating prospects so I'll take that as a benevolent sign to move on from the icky specter of FT.

No Nonsense said...

You bet if I was there I'd be so totally on his sh*t! Up on his door step banging on that door