Tuesday, April 15, 2008

elitist? i think the word you're looking for is 'uppity'

i'm just so tired of all of this pre-election crap but i, for one, am TOTALLY fine with Obama being an elitist.

fuckety fuck. whatever happened to fucking aspirations in this country?

McCain blah blah blah Obama is elitist blah blah blah - New York Times


Trope said...

I just can't understand the fuss on this comment. I could see if folks might be offended that Obama is belittling God (or guns), though I think his record as a man of faith is pretty spotless. I don't see how people could be offended that he said some people are bitter. Hell, *I'm* bitter, and I still have a job.

I knew something was wrong with this portrayal of Obama as elitist. Thanks for spelling it out.

ding said...

I should start keeping track of all the 'negritudes' the mainstream press keep trotting out (or some other campaign keeps trying to play out.)

First we had the Magical Negro: 'Oh, Obama will solve everything and save us from ourselves!'

Don't forget the Menacing Negro: 'It's 3 o'clock in the morning. Do you want some Negro answering the phone?'

Then we had the Angry Negro: 'Oh, Obama's a student of a hate-filled pastor! He must be soooo angry!'

And now we have the Uppity Negro: 'Who the fuck does that Negro think he is?!'

Which Negro will appear next?
I'm breathless with anticipation.

Wade said...

John Stewart of the Daily Show had a very interesting comment about this very topic. Something about being the President should be an Elitist. He should be a hell of a lot smarter than you and I and everyone around him. He should have the ability to think for himself and knowledge and faith in his own abilities... and why is it so bad to be an Elitist?

Doesn't "Elite" mean the best? Shouldn't a society be led by the best of society?

No, of course not... it is much better to be led by a bumbling idiot taking cues from every military-industrial-energy company that started his career by running not 1 but 2 companies into bankruptcy and then trading the best player on the team he managed away...

my rant is over...

Give me the Elitist any day!

ding said...

The Liberal as Elitist Snob is such a tired meme, I'm still surprised that members of the media still fall for this crap. And, unfortunately, it resonates with people!

For some reason, the majority of this country would rather buy into the myth of the Regular Guy instead of the Guy Who Actually Knows What the Frak is Going On.

Who do you want running this country? (inhale, Ding, inhale.)

I agree completely and said this back when Al Gore ran, John Kerry ran and other smart people ran for president. Smart people with bona fides are preferable over some dorkus who can bowl.

It's true for dating and it's true for the Presidency.