Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what's smaller than an Easter basket? chicago. (pt 2)

An update on the Easter basket story:

So I leave work to head out to LTF's place. I pick up a bottle of wine on the way (GustavoThrace, a very good California red) and get on the CrazyTrain, i.e., the red line.

I wait a while, I ring his place, he's not home, I wait longer and he walks up. He has a big ol' bandaid on his head. Like an anvil fell on him.

He looks all flustered and I think, Great.

Ding: What happened to your head?
LTF: I fell, jogging.
Ding: Like, your head hit pavement?
LTF: Dirt. Gravel. I was going really fast.
Ding: Mustabeen.

Inside, he checks his phone.
LTF: Is this you? Did you leave a message?
LTF: Then who the fuck buzzed me? Who was it? Fuck, I hate it when people buzz me and don't leave messages!
Ding: Um...
LTF: It drives me crazy! It makes me want to call the police!
Ding: Dude. It was me, I wasn't sure if you were here so I buzzed then you walked up. I had no idea when I got here.
LTF: Oh. That's fine then. Sorry. Sometimes it just freaks me out when people buzz me and I'm not expecting them.
Ding: No worries...

It's clear he's had a long, hard day and needs time to decompress. So he vents about work, we drink some wine, we share work disaster stories, look at a weird 80s movie on YouTube.

LTF: So you met T- at an Easter dinner?
Ding: (processing his earlier freak out) Yep.
LTF: So what happened?
Ding: (giving heavily edited version) His girlfriend mentioned she went to X, one of my friends asked if he knew you -
LTF: How do they know about me?
Ding: Are you kidding me? I've been seeing you for 8 years and you don't expect me to tell anyone about you?
LTF: Why would they want to know?
Ding: Because I actually don't talk about you! It's natural to be curious. Anyway, then he said you were a good guy. Intense but a good guy.
LTF: That it?
Ding: (lying again with impunity) Yep.

Is discretion the better part of valor? Yes.
Did I avoid an uncomfortable confrontation? You betcha.
Does this make me a waffling, dishonest, coward? Possibly.
Am I ok with that? Absolutely.


No Nonsense said...

oh oh there is so much more! The fact he said "that's it" Hmmm, seems like he expected dreadlocked dude to give something up and he never replied to the text( maybe from panic dunno). Dreadlocks dude has the goodies. Next he'll be interested in what you are telling your friends about him (part 3)

Anyway you said you are fine with it. Good god it's interesting though

ding said...

it just reinforced that our worlds need to be completely separate. integration would be disastrous.


liza said...

Mmmm hmmm. For someone who likes to fly his freak flag high, he sure sounds super-guarded. Closeted, almost. Why would they want to know, indeed.

As for you being a coward, meh. Obvs its not worth it to you, so why be a hero?

Maybe this is how the fortune teller's right: this is the way the fling ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. (Pun not really intended, but hey).

ding said...

well, i'll never know if i don't ask. maybe i'll ask this weekend.
'hey, LTF, have any man/man tendencies you'd like to tell me about? yes? no?'

his guardedness/paranoia could be all the pot. (have i mentioned he is a pretty dedicated worshiper of the magic herb?)

i know.
my therapist would be giving me a disapproving look right now.
i know. i know!

she'd say, 'is the sex that great, ding? is it? is it worth the weirdness?'