Wednesday, April 08, 2009

this week is going to kill me. i've had things scheduled after work (which is turning into an endurance marathon of repressed panic) every night this week: com'tee meeting, hospital visit, board meeting, meet/greet.

it's great in a 'wow, i have a very full and satisfactory life' but it's also - ugh.

why am i meeting Scientist Larry for a drink tomorrow? have no idea.


SiddityintheCity said...

Scientist Larry is not good?

ding said...

hence forward, Scientist Larry will be known as Deadwood Larry.

'Nuff said, you know?

SiddityintheCity said...

Oh. Yeah.

liza said...

At first I was thinking the show. And i was like, which one? Ian Mc Shane? wait...



ding said...

my life is full of the suckage - at least, when it comes to boys.

for further proof, just read the 'Easter basket' post.

le sigh.