Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pointless conversation of the day (so far)

here is a chat i had with a AT&T rep online:

Danielle: I will be happy to answer your questions regarding AT&T services. I specialize in setting up new phone accounts and High Speed Internet service.
Ding: i'm moving and would like to add internet to my current wireless acct; not sure yet about tv.
Danielle: Do you currently have local service with AT&T?
Ding: no. i have a mobile phone and that's it. i don't really want a landline - unless i need one?
Danielle: Have you checked the availability for AT&T DSL service at your new location?
Ding: yes. it's available.
Danielle: You can order internet service without phone line if you have a phone jack.
Ding: there are phone jacks. how fast would internet service be? i work from home and would need service that's fast to load.
Danielle: Would you like me to send you link to proceed with order?
Ding: no. i need some questions answered first.

(up to this point, i was convinced i was 'chatting' with a robot. then i became difficult.)

Danielle: Which internet plans do you see available in your area?
Ding: all seem to be available but which one is best, with the most reliable service?
Ding: and that's affordable?
Danielle: The AT&T High Speed Internet 'Pro Package' (No voice line) offers maximum connection speeds up to 3.0Mbps/512Kbps (50 times faster than a normal dial-up) for $40.00 per month.
Ding: is that the whole price or without add'l taxes/fees thrown in?
Danielle: It would be before taxes.
Ding: what's the price with IL taxes/fees?
Danielle: Since taxes vary from state to state, I do not have that information. However, taxes would be 7%-12% of your total bill.
Ding: what else is included in the package? is there a start up charge? what about equipment?
Danielle: We offer a Siemens 4100B Modem ($49.99).
Ding: so what would be my complete start up charge?
Danielle: You just need to pay one time fee for Modem and shipping.
Danielle: Shipping charges will be $12.95
Ding: and if i needed to go wireless? i buy a router on my own or what?
Danielle: We offer 2Wire Wireless Gateway ($79.99).
Ding: do i need to use your router/modem? or can i go with one of my own?
Danielle: You would need AT&T equipments.
Ding: why is that?
(long pause here)

Danielle: Other equipments are not compatible with AT&T DSL service.
Ding: so i'm looking at a possible start up cost of at least $106.95, including a 12% boost to the basic $40, 12.95 for shipping of a $49 modem. right?
Danielle: Yes, that is correct.
Ding: after that, monthly bills would be approximately $45-50?
Danielle: Yes, that is correct.
Ding: if i add this to my already existing wireless acct, is there any kind of discount available for the start up?
Danielle: At this time there is no such discount available.
Ding: then what's the benefit of going with at&t?
(another long pause)

Danielle: You can get the same plan for $10 less if you have AT&T land line service.
Ding: ah. and having a land line would cost me what? (even though i don't need it)
Danielle: You can order land line service for $10 a month.
Ding: so you're saying it's cheaper for me to buy something i don't need.
Danielle: I am not forcing you to do that.
Ding: but you're saying that.
Danielle: I am saying only what AT&T says.
Ding: so, as a current AT&T customer, i don't get a discount for adding a needed product unless i order an uneccessary product - that's what AT&T is saying.
Danielle: Yes, that is correct.
Ding: niiice. that's a great customer service orientation AT&T has.
Danielle: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Ding: no, that should be it. thanks.


wade said...

i. hate. AT&T. almost as much as Comcast

ding said...

they're creeping up on my 'hate' list.