Sunday, April 26, 2009

home sweet home

there's just one box left to unpack and then i'm done, kids!

(you could have seen my new digs here but frakking Facebook blew my cover!)

but where am i now?
doing laundry at Roomie - uh, XRoomie's place while finishing up a proposal while i steal her interwebs.


Joy said...

ding, did you mean to link to a facebook page with a name? I'm not going to blow your anonymity, and go ahead and delete this comment once you've seen it if you deem it prudent.

Greg said...

Ditto what Joy said. Do it now. But.... Did you add those Xmas lights to the column yourself, or did the place come with those?

ding said...

frak! thanks for the heads up.
well, i hope folks enjoyed my stepping out from behind the veil for a bit. go ahead, google me - i dare you!

and, yes, we strung up those lights on the column ourselves. i'm gonna miss that place...