Wednesday, April 29, 2009

frontloading disaster

so it's been a full week - full of burglary, paranoia and work.

3 days into moving, i'm the victim of a forcible entry.
3 days into moving, i get locked out of my house because the mgmt company gave me the wrong keys to my back door.
5 days into moving, my toilet flushy thingy snaps in two.
5 days into moving, my refrigerator decides to just quit and all my food melts.

all that needs to happen next is for my oven to explode, the ceiling to cave or to come home and find that the thief came back to clean me out. or something else more horrible that will require years of therapy to contend with.

i just hope that disaster is frontloaded and i can continue on my blithe way without further disturbance.

if not, i just might have to think that the universe hates me.

in other news, dealing with LTF (in any capacity) has dropped down to at least #8 on my list of things to do, preceded by fixing everything in my apartment, safeguarding my person, getting internet service established and making copies of my keys to give to all my friends so, if i get locked out again, i won't be homeless.

thinking of boys while having to deal with important crap is just too much for a woman like me to handle.


No Nonsense said...

Good Lord!

I can only imagine how scary. stay safe. can you do security system?

ding said...'s a 'vintage' building and the landlord is scrappy about upgrades, apparently.

but the windows have bars and i'm on the lookout for that bar you shove under the doorknob. (i've seen them in new york apts.)

it's making me slightly paranoid.

Orange said...

Put some alarm-system stickers on the windows/doors even without such a system in place. Deterrent!

I worry about what's next. I'm picturing an "Amityville Horror" flies-from-the-devil situation.

Songbird said...

What an awful week! I hope things settle down right away!!

SiddityintheCity said...

Gah! Can you install your own additional deadbolts and have your landlord reimburse you? Can you borrow the pup a few nights a week?

Feel better!

ding said...

@Orange - i'm horrified at that possibility.

@Sid - slowly, i'm recovering. i'm only barricading the front door with two pieces of furniture instead of three.

@Songbird - i hope so, too. the date i had last night was an indication of things looking up but i'm holding my breath, here.

in other news, only two of my burners on my stove work. so it's like i have a really large hot plate in my kitchen.