Friday, January 18, 2008

uh, ok.

this link was anonymously sent to me at my other blog, ChurchGal.
why? i have no idea, but i can't look away.
did anyone else know venus was engaged? i had no clue!
(because, you know, she and i are bestest buds.)


Orange said...

Just how many people do you s'pose are paying $29.53/3 months to subscribe to the secret parts of that blog? Why are the posts so long? Why are there so many long posts on the main page? Why is the sidebar eighteen miles long? I say that blogger should go find herself a white man right away—provided that he's a web designer.

ding said...

there are 'secret' parts? euww. those looked like ordinary people. i don't want to look at the 'secret parts' of ordinary people.

(not to know ordinary folks, but that would be like looking at the 'secret parts' of your next door neighbors. no no!)

and you're cold, orange. totally totally cold.

ding said...

i meant, 'not to knock.'

Orange said...

I got the impression it was the blogger's private blog (what the...?), plus more pictures and stories of the regular people.

Is it just me, or does that site sort of fetishize the African-American woman/white (or other non-black) man pairing? "Find a white man to marry" seems like a different imperative than "don't rule a man out just because he's not the same race as you."