Monday, January 28, 2008

it's your alderman's fault, you know

ever curious about your neighborhood's totally out of control development? wonder how the hood could sustain so many butt ugly condos? or wonder how your cute little tree lined street suddenly has a Players on the corner or some other massive suburban sports bar? the Trib finally takes a page from the Sun-Times and investigates something: Community input an illusion --

the Eckhart Park mentioned in the article is adjacent to my old apartment and this piece totally explained why everything just seemed to spring up like weeds in the past 4.5 years - Walter Burnett!

and don't forget to vote next Super Tuesday!


Orange said...

Ding, did you see Steve Johnson's blog post about that nifty website that lets you see crime reports, new business licenses, Craigslist Missed Connections, news stories, etc. for a given zip code or street?

Check out EveryBlock.

ding said...

wow. this is awesome.
i'm going to use this for work!

i love sites like this.