Tuesday, January 08, 2008

here is my navel

you may have noticed that i haven't been posting as much lately and what i have posted isn't exactly good. i don't know what it is. it's not that i've lost the juice for this blog but there just isn't much to say right now.

about politics? i'm marginally hopeful about the dems' progress though i'm pretty sure that, in the end, the great machine of our society will continue to roll over the marginalized people who live in it.

about sex? i'm not having any.

about gender politics? patriarchy still sucks and stupid stupid men make me want to smash their scrotal sacs with a hammer.

about pop culture? i can't look at another headline documenting the lengthening downward spiral of our celebutantes.

about religion? blick.

about my life? actually, things are going pretty good. i like where and what i am right now.

do i want to continue to contribute to the babble/babel out here? i don't know. i think i want to write other things now, while still interacting with an audience the way i have here, but what that'll look like, i don't know.

oh, i'm not bowing out. i'm just reconsidering things.


Trope said...

Hmm, I struggled for a while with the fact that when my life was going well, my writing took a hit. In my opinion, it's better to have a happy life than the great American novel. But more importantly, I think that perhaps there are lots of people looking around, after a long season of reflection, and seeing that it's time to get to work. All my favorite blogs have gone quieter. That's okay, as I have to actually do work at work right now.

Thanks to the miracle of RSS, I can tune in here whenever you've got stuff to say. I'd love to read you over on Bitch PhD from time to time too. (Hint.)

You going to the Roe event this year?

ding said...

i AM going to the Roe event this year! let's see if we can run into each other!

as for writing, i think that i'm running out of things to say that are productive, you know? i mean, i can rant all i want about how there are certain political situations and ideas that make me want to vomit (i.e., President Huckabee), but how productive is that? i want someone to DO something about it.

i keep reading about the sick sick things our culture keeps perpetuating about women and, again, i want to rage until i pass out, but it's just howling into a headwind.

uh, as soon as i can think of something really really good to write over at Bitch, i'll be back. somehow, i think Bitch is the only one they tolerate musing on the pretty colors of bras...(which is where my head is now.)

bitchphd said...

I think that tfeeling like you have to write "really really good" stuff is the kiss of death, man. Dude, write about pretty bras--seriously. The entire reason I asked you and LeBlanc to join up is that you guys can do the rants *and* the meaningless daily stuff (which isn't really meaningless, you know). Bitch isn't the big political blog it used to be, and I'm a-okay with that.

That said, I also totally get the "I'm busy having a life now rather than blogging" thing. Don't feel like you have to write. But for god's sake, don't feel like you can't post goofy little one-line posts, either.

ding said...

it's like i'm having my own 'Opt Out' moment. i loove doing this, but it's rather trying to be so ranty all the time and i need a little down time, you know?

but i'm not Opting Out! really!

(and thanks for saying i don't have to brush off my critical thinking cap. i wore my Pour Moi bra yesterday and i felt naughty. heh.)

Wade said...

as a man... OUCH. no hammers around me please. as a blogger.. i get it. i'm on an opt-in phase currently, but most of '-7 was very opt-out for me too. its your soapbox, use it however you feel is right. the beauty of the soapbox is that when you're done, you can pick it up and take it with you.

ding said...

no hammer would dare approach you (unless you asked for it, of course.)

yeah, right now i'm standing on my soap box and just hanging out. nothing much going on here...

Trope said...

Well, gosh, I'm going to have to redouble my efforts to find a babysitter. Somehow I don't think the event organizers would welcome the Bug, however kid-friendly they may otherwise be.

If I can swing it, I'll let you know and see you there!

ding said...

that would be awesome if someone brought their Bug (if only to counteract the impression all us pro-choicers are baby hating killers.)

but do let me know!