Wednesday, January 16, 2008

illinois is in the dumps

the ctba released a study on illinois' economy in december and here it is. (well, the executive summary, anyway.)

major findings:
job creation in the state lags behind other states
wages are declining
low wage jobs are replacing good ones
there are real differences in workforce populations, skills and experiences (race is not unimportant here)

these are the issues that we should be discussing during this election year, rather than hillary's 'shrillness' or obama's 'magical negritude.'

don't you think?


liza said...

"magical negritude"? Rilly? How did I miss that? why does it make me want to laugh?

Atalanta said...

Why sure - he's my 'hip cool black friend' - in a Sydney Poitier sort of way. (sigh).
Sadly, Edwards does seem to be talking about these issues - or at least he recognizes that Ye Olde World doesn't have a monopoly on class systems - but no one is picking it up as a valid talking point. (sigh again).

ding said...

i didn't know about 'the magical negro' until quite recently, though i recognized it everytime i went to the movies.

any black figure in movies or novels whose main purpose is to be the vehicle for white self-improvement, preferably through the black person's sacrifice? magical negro.

but, yeah, 'magical negritude' is sort of funny.

bitchphd said...

Yeah, it's annoying as shit. Edwards isn't playing the stupid game, and as a result he's getting ignored. Obviously we haven't come very far, since the media's still stuck in the identity politics crap. SO 80s.

I mean, at least they oughta be doing a better *job* of it. Blacks vs. Hispanics? Oh right, because they're two completely separate groups. Like blacks vs. women.


ding said...

in about two years, i have a feeling that folks are suddenly going to pay a lot more attention to poverty issues. my agency is preparing for big corporate layoffs in the next 18 months. and what's with the folks in michigan going after romney, who thinks another manufacturing renaissance is around the corner? michigan is in the same position as illinois, if not moreso.