Sunday, January 20, 2008

better than 'our bodies, our selves'

last night, we were hanging out with some friends for game night and, when we got tired of games, we went on YouTube. they found this clip and i was stunned.

first - what in the holy deep fried hell?? (thanks, Sid, for that.)
second - what man was this alexyss dating to make her so crazy?
third - she said all this in front of her mother??

anyway. watch and marvel.


Orange said...

Ah, yes. I saw this video (or a similar one with the same woman) before, and it was simply insane.

What's with the Alexyss spelling? Everyone knows it's supposed to be spelled Alexxsys (at least, that's how a kid in my son's class spells it. Her parents should be flogged).

ding said...

did you notice she barely blinked during that whole 9 minutes?

i, myself, prefer the 'Alixys' spelling.