Monday, April 04, 2005

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy

i was totally surprised by this one.

usually i gloss over motherhood blogs unless they're by academics; it's my own bias and i freely admit it. but this one struck me differently. maybe it's her voice - smart, sharp like a filed paperclip, and funny. maybe, because i've worked in that world and worked for women like her, i understand how she's juggling her life, travel schedule, presentations and fighting with HR. this post about a meeting is spot on - the corporate ego, the stultifying meetings that stretch the space/time continuum, the divide between team members and upper mgmt.

hers is a blunt-eyed view of a world she knows well.

[edited because a good post is a clean post.]

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Mark said...

Good post, email me - - good to hear from you!!! :-)