Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A-- will be basking in the fruits of napa valley this weekend at a wedding while i languish here. oh, i suppose there are things to do (buy a level, clean out my closets, wash laundry) but they're all so...boring. oh, but there's my really bad romance novel. it's been a week and the writing goes apace. it's awful, truly awful (who knew plotting could be so difficult?), but the goal is to finish. i'll worry about quality later.

i've demanded the Librarian call me more often; he agreed he's been neglectful. (have not dropped the hammer because i decided...well, i decided not to.) we've both circled labor day weekend as a target for a visit, thus leaving me time to visit family in los angeles.

boss's father still dead; awaiting further instructions. office is horribly quiet and subdued. am carrying huge office secret and i can't say anything and the weight is killing me. i've told A-- because the pressure became too much.

birthday party for A-- upcoming in august. still have no clue how to celebrate it.

fighting huge urge to pull out the book in my purse and read it at my desk.

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