Tuesday, July 27, 2004

these are the new comics in my life:

The Losers
The Establishment

i've become disillusioned with my x-men, who all need to take a welbutrin and a vacation - or get laid. and while the green arrow makes me laugh, he only comes out every couple of months...it's too slow for my greedy little hands!! as for bendis' powers...well, i can't find #30 (the one where deena quits) and the new #1 (where powers are outlawed). i am despondent and tired of calling all the comic book shops in town like a junky, and all the comic book guys think i'm someone's mother.


the other day, A-- was looking for a place for us to put all our comic books; we decided to just keep them on the bookshelf, hidden away, for to display them in our princess turret would be to expose our total dorkiness.

it would be one short step to sealing them in plastic covers and developing an opaque filing system for their order.

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