Friday, July 02, 2004

my dad, a christian pastor, and i have been involved in a war of words over the past two years because of george w bush. we've exchanged emails on gay rights, the environment and the war. he's always been conservative and patriotic and extremely cynical about politics, which makes him the perfect sounding board for Fox News.

when he returned from a christian men's retreat last weekend, my dad went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. this is what he emailed me (edited for spelling - my dad's not the best speller...):

Good morning D--. I went to see the 10PM showing in a packed house. I enjoyed the film. It made me laugh and cry, especially the poor ladies who wept for their dead. The best parts were when Bush lost his mind in front of people. I would just hope that no one would ever film me in my more horrible hours of being alive. But I know, you want me to address the facts that the film represents; I can't.

After seeing the film, I do not like GWB. As a matter of fact I do not like Moore. The movie is tearing my world apart. It was a sick display of all that is bad in human beings. It will prompt me to not even look at Bush anymore. I am getting out of the political thing altogether. I feel so poorly for the American lady who lost her son. The faces of the young black males broke my heart, I do not want to see them die. My 'son' Timothy is in the Navy stationed with the Marines ready to be shipped out to that death land in August. I want no part of any of this shitty situation. Hey, I thought that I'd send you the so called Christian response to the film. I read this article on "" and could not believe it. What do we do with the facts that faced us in the film?

Lord Jesus help us, did you remember the scene of the lady from Afghanistan was crying out to God for help? I feel that way right now. Lord help us, we are living in terrible times. I have mixed emotions about the film. It is good for a person like me, who was looking for something to totally get me out of the mix, and then it hinders the good people that believe in what this country ought to stand for, and then on the extreme end, it prompts violence in others; I did hear a few outbursts in the theater last night. [edited - what happened at the men's retreat and how crazy some men are, blah blah blah...]

Love you. . .Daddy

my father still has the ability to stun me.

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