Thursday, July 29, 2004

slooooow at the office.

the summer is almost over - just one more real month left and i didn't have as much fun this summer as past summers. the lack of fun in my life is starting to worry me. it's like i've turned into the most boring woman on earth.

this is my typical day:
6 am - alarm goes off
6.30 am - alarm goes off again; get up and dress for the gym
7-8 am - dress for work; watch the news, listen to npr; take a vitamin
8.45 am - at office...drink fruit smoothie, drink coffee, check email, read papers
9-5.30 pm - work (yawn)
6-10ish - meet A-- at local bar, toss back a few; catch cable; read; smoke; wonder why i'm not partying my ass off

(on weekends, i skip right to local bar, tossing the few and then add a few movies and shopping)

i'm turning into a girly hermit and i don't like it.

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