Monday, July 26, 2004

poker, redux

some things we learned:

next time we're only inviting one guy. too many guys and suddenly they force you to use REAL money! um, $5 is too much for a card game with a bunch of women. we have other uses for our money: cigs, a cup of coffee, a candy bar, anything other than watching someone take it because of a flip of a card.

all we wanted was a nice girly game of poker learning. instead we got a baptism by fire lesson in How to Lose Your Hard-Earned New Economy Cash in 10 Minutes. bummer. what's the fun in that??

the fun appeared at the last round of Texas Hold 'Em. after a whole night of conservative play, H-- (a supermodel-tall redhead) pronounced 'Red nines are wild, 4's are 8's (if you so choose) and straights can pass the ace and go to 2.' the men tried to mount a complaint but if you say that dealer picks the game, then dealer picks the game.

every guy lost their pants that round (they forgot that 4s were 8s) and G-- cleaned up nicely for the evening, stuffing $26 in her pocket. heh.

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