Monday, July 12, 2004


at last, summer is here.

in chez ding, our dsl still hasn't gone on (thanks sbc, you suckholes) so A-- and i have been living in digital ignorance. i came to the office early, after working out for the first time in a month, to catch up on the news. ugh - mistake. kerry has a lead, bush's friends are busy rewriting history and guarding his flank (how convenient that the pertinent records of his national guard record were destroyed - mysteriously), and now the repubs want to explore the possibility of postponing elections - in case anything happens, of course.

if i was reading this in a novel, i'd be feeling something called 'foreboding' just about now.

there is a man who wears a sandwich board on michigan avenue. he thinks al gore is a british robot sent here to invade and signal the re-assimilation of the united states into britain. actually, i think his message has changed since shrub took office. i feel like joining him sometimes - i want to wear a sandwich board and tell strangers how bush has screwed this country.

my outrage has been at such a constant high, i feel like my brain is boiling.

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