Thursday, June 25, 2009

wrap up: the wedding

note to self - starting off the day at 9.30 am with a glass of champagne may seem like a good idea (and it is so '4 Weddings') but then it just opens a gate for more drinking until, by 2 pm, you are plastered, hot, and just a bit queasy.

(and, when you go home to rest before the reception/party, you're not really laying down for a nap. you are passing out.)

so this was the foundation that was laid saturday evening before M- arrived at the party. throw in some heat and humidity and you have a Ding who was wrung out. basically, by the time M- arrived, i was mentally done.

M- tenaciously hung out with my friends, congratulated the married couple, and hung on until the party wound down and we took it to a friend's back porch where we had more beer, chatted more and i floated in and out of coherence. somewhere in the vicinity of 2 am, my brain had turned off. (but after a shower and some rolling around, a second wind was gained. funny how that works.)

perhaps i should have been more 'on' to keep M- entertained, but he seemed to entertain himself. eventually, i'll become more comfortable with having my worlds blend; but getting rid of the compartments i used to separate my friends from my lovers is going to take time.


Orange said...

M- sounds like such a good sport about these things. Some new beaux wouldn't want to hang out with the lady friend's posse at all, so it sounds like M- was custom-designed for boosting you over the Wall of Relationship Resistance.

ding said...

he is a good sport. and your analysis is correct - it's like i'm on an obstacle course.

in these group situations, there are some slight social bumps to smooth over but he'll get there over time. see that? i'm forward-thinking.