Wednesday, June 24, 2009

it's DateNight with M- tonight.
(see how's he's graduated from being NewGuy to just having a simple initial?)

a little bit later, i'll give all 8 of my readers the scoop on the weekend wedding, the epiphane experienced during vampire date night on sunday and why politics is the purview of the mentally infirm.

oh, and on receiving 60 days' notice at my organization.


No Nonsense said...

"politics is the purview of the mentally infirm".LMAO

Sorry about the job-- that sucks! Try to stay positive, you'll find another job ( trying to encourage you while I suck on the teats of my last customer)

Joy said...

oh, shit! I'm so sorry about the job. But I'm super glad to hear that NewGuy gets a non-adjectival name on the blog!

Have you also gotten hooked on True Blood? A friend just gave my boyfriend and me the first season on DVD, and we are obsessed, which we didn't expect, and which is kind of funny, since the whole show is about vampire obsession.

Trope said...

Ugh, the job. I'm sorry, Ding.