Saturday, June 06, 2009

so last night, after walking all the way to humboldt park from my east village 'hood, and ending up at the Black Beetle for beer and wings, we walk back to my place and...crash.

that's it.
change into jammies, mumble goodnight and hit the sack.
no rolling around, no frolicking, not even cozy making out. just heads hitting pillows and, isntantly, snoring. (him, not me!)

a month in and already the sex disappears?!

grumble grumble grumble.


Orange said...

Silly ding. When you're going to be walking that far, the obvious solution is to find an alley or some bushes on the way home, before there's a pillow calling his name.

Dan said...

Oh, Ding... the sex hasn't disappeared, it's just off taking a nap. Falling asleep next to your lover means that you get to wake up next to him, too. And if he was tired enough to pass out as soon as his head hit the pillow, how good could the sex really have been if he'd tried to force it?

Next time, let him sleep. Then in the morning when you're both refreshed (and sober) you can make it clear that he's not going anywhere until he's made love to you.


liza said...

Was it a lot of beer? Once, way back when I was visiting the spouse during college, we both passed out/fell asleep during lazy cuddly foreplay. It happens. That's when you wake up and romp! Also, you can tease him about it and get extra.

Lee said...

As a parent of a young child and a man who deeply misses morning nookie opportunities, I can only say, exploit the chances you get when you get them.