Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i suppose i should try and care about what's happening in the world of politics, reproductive justice and feminism but i'm fighting for the survival of my agency, my job and my sector.

and trying to fit in some NewGuy time.
(he's been incredibly laid back and empathetic, listening to me freak out for the past three weeks. we have a movie date planned for tonight and i said that it felt like forever since we saw each other last. he said, 'you are going through the worst possible time ever at your office. it would be really selfish to demand more of your time while this is happening.')

so talk amongst yourselves.


Songbird said...

Well, he sounds awesome. And I hope you reach a successful conclusion as far as your job, sector and agency are concerned. My ex (The Father of My Children) works for the state in which we live, and the ground has shifted in a major way for all state employees this spring. Unnerving!

Joy said...

fighting for your job, agency, and sector is your corner of the world of politics, reproductive justice and feminism. Not at all mutually exclusive.

New Guy does sound great. if he walks as well as he talks, you're a lucky couple.

ding said...

@Songbird - the states are dealing with alot and bearing the brunt of crashing local economies. we aren't the only one. CA, MI, IN,'s all bad. ugh.

but thanks for the encouragement!

@Joy - he is sorta sweet. i hope i'm up for it.