Friday, January 30, 2009

dork love: THOMAS

my new obsession: the THOMAS site.

what is it? it's everything you needed to know about what happens on the floor of the Congress - transcripts, language of bills, histories of votes. it's searchable and i love it.

for instance, if Medicaid is your search term, you can literally trace the conversation our representatives are having about it. you can see how something gets shut out and ends up in committee or gets voted on and passed/defeated. i love it.

the transcripts about SCHIP? fascinating.

want to know what the senate is doing about the recovery package? keyword search 'economic recovery' and look for the amendments with an S.
curious to see what your senator said yesterday from the floor? search the Congressional Record. (i searched 'Roland Burris' and found this.) fascinating!

or am i the only one fascinated by this?

once again, the dork stands alone.


Doris said...

Ha, historians and librarians are both fascinated by this site and what can be learned.

Alas, the dork does NOT stand alone.


Phoebe Caulfield said...

That is really neat. But I was afraid to go too deep into the muck, for what I might find...