Tuesday, February 03, 2009

because i'm drowning in blogs, tweets, status updates, my trashy novel draft and the like (not to mention drowning in this buck-ass legislative session at work) i've put ChurchGal (my other blog) on hiatus until spring, or thereabouts.

i expected to feel more conflicted about that but i'm not.

so. where can you find me?
here, on Screed. (this was my first blog and i'm never letting it go.)
very occasionally at Bitch Ph.D. (out of the 4 Bitches, i have the lowest post rate because, well, let's just say i only have one nerve to get on, which the Head Bitch understands.)
on Twitter as PrincessDing.

ok, back to work.


No Nonsense said...

Cuz blogin' ain't easy

ding said...

no, it ain't. 'specially when you have 3 or 4 floating around.