Monday, February 23, 2009

this was really a work dream. really.

in this dream, i'm sitting next to LTF on his lumpy couch.

we have to talk, he says.
ok, i say.

we need to communicate better, he says. i'm not happy with just seeing you on the weekends, when you send me a message or text. i think we could do better.

uh-huh, i say.

i'm not happy with just this little slice of a relationship, he says.

oh? i say.

because, he says, i think that we could really lo--

and that's when i woke up.
perfect timing, huh?


Songbird said...

If you say so.

liza said...

Right. So, since noone else is saying it, I will: How did that make you feeeel? I mean were you relieved when you woke up? Disappointed? Irritated?

Um, because otherwise, I'll be forced to finish that word/sentence, and make it really wierd.

And also: how is this a work dream?

ding said...

i'm trying really hard to make that dream a work dream. you know, LTF symbolized my work/life balance and, uh, it was asking for more balance and, uh...

i'm still trying to figure out how it made me feel. i woke up a little startled. sort of 'What the Hell??'

maybe if i wait long enough i can convince myself that this was just all the alcohol from the oscar party affecting my brain.