Monday, February 09, 2009


i didn't call and wish my dad happy birthday yesterday for various reasons, most being my penchant to procrastinate.

i still haven't finished christmas shopping for my family - or my niece's birthday in january.

i have an important meeting tomorrow and still haven't prepped for it - even though i'm flying out this afternoon.

i still don't exactly know what it is i want from LTF, if anything. adventure, habit?

this economy is scaring me a lot (it is really bad out there, folks) and i still haven't sketched out a rudimentary Plan B for my career if the bottom falls out of my sector.

i have a make/break it proposal due by end of month - in two weeks - and i'm not sure if i can count on other team members to hold up their end.

what happened to the focused person i used to be?


No Nonsense said...

Lady you need to get cracking on some of these things. I am getting anxious just reading your to do list.

Do you really need to know what you want from LTF or can that just flow?
I vote for let it flow

liza said...

You know, it happens to the best of us, sooner or later. We just drop all the balls all at once. It seems really dramatic when you usually have it all together. It's kind of like "be prepared" led you straight into this. It's the pressure of feeling like you have to handle it. All of it.
I've been there. You'll get it together. At least on the things that actually matter. (bonus points for working out which ones do) Hang in there.

ding said...

damn that 'be prepared!' you're right; that led me straight into this.

well, the meeting went fine but of course there are two other meetings that need to happen as a result.

i'm hoping my grad school habit of pulling crap out of my ass will carry me through this month. it has to!

what do other folks do to get a grip? i'm lacking in coping strategies here.