Monday, January 26, 2009

a memo to media folks: get new friends!!

Obama's ways cool to some, new to others --

a whole story built around breaking down the mannerisms of the POTUS.

you'd think the 'terrorist fist bump' heard 'round the world would have given them a chance to get all this 'Obama is so...down!' narrative shyte out of their system, but it continues.

here's a tip to mainstream media: you need to get more friends. really.


liza said...

The part that really unsettles me is the fixation on his physicality--it's too familiar. Granted, he's younger and better looking than any of his predecessors, but really: the implication that he's got a pimp walk is too much. Or a George Jefferson strut. COME ON.

ding said...

a stereotype is still a stereotype and this narrative of our president as the emblem of 'black cool' is a little problematic.

sure, he's cool but it's just another in an unending series of weird articles that can't get away from dissecting the black body.

it's also what disturbs me when the media talks about the Obama's marriage and the obvious affection they have for each other. you can see it in big neon lights blinking over every page: THESE BLACK PEOPLE ARE HAVING HOT SEX! IN THE WHITE HOUSE! WHERE LINCOLN SLEPT!

if we were truly post-racial then the white mainstream media would get over it.